About Joud

We have the ability and capabilities to help you grow your business, the abundance of your crop, and the quality of your production, with the experience we have obtained over the years.
Mohsen Bujebel

Why Joud ?


We believe in the importance of science and order. We follow the best scientific and technological means in managing our institutions, to ensure a stable, effective, continuous and harmonious organization.

Privacy & Safety

We take into account the confidentiality of data and dealings with our customers, and we adopt insurance methods for our transactions and customers in order to avoid loss, whether in reputation or transactions.

Ambitious Vision

We believe that dates will be the first food in the world, and we contribute to this vision with our institution and our sister institution to make dates the number 1 trade in the global market

Quality of Service

We like to serve our customers with distinguished services, and be useful to them, and part of their success in the market, we not only contract, but we offer our advice and expertise to all our customers without limits.

Experts Team

Jood brings together under one roof a team of international experts in the trade, cultivation and development of the dates industry, and international consultants in the field of dates


We develop, and support development in the field of dates, whether in agricultural or commercial research, to always be leaders in the field, and developers of it – research and development is part of our mission

Development of the Egyptian food sector

And access to the world, especially the dates sector.

To be one of the Arab and international pioneers in the manufacture and trade of dates

Through scientific research, technology, sustainable development and innovation

By expert experts.

Who we are?

Joud Company was established with an economic vision for future aspirations through a union of a group of leading companies in the field of dates:

The Saudi Al-Rajhi Group is represented by the Saudi Zadna Dates Company.

The Tunisian Boujebel Group, represented by the Boujebel Facpa Company.

Zadna Agricultural Investment and Real Estate Development Company is an Egyptian joint stock company.

Under the leadership of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Mohsen Bujabel.

We gathered to develop the food sector, especially dates, under the banner of Joud Company, through the development of advanced scientific research and innovation at the hands of experts specialized in this field.